The motto “Nothing About Us Without Us” drives our vision that is, we should decide no policy without the active participation of its community. The motto resonates with our will and determination to work in line with the proclamations of the European Union, and develop scientifically driven and durable solutions. Our approach can have a positive environmental impact while facilitating the transition to alternative and circular growth paths, leveraging the immense opportunities unleashed by technological developments.

Our inspiration heavily leverages inclusiveness and the obsolescence of fragmentation, as now more than ever, we cannot afford to be isolated or work in silos. Our open approach amalgamates the directions put forward by policymakers, the requirements elevated by the industry and scientific research, and the capacity to produce the right results.

Within our core values, awareness and education occupy a special place considering that the fusion of technological evolution and circular economy will be constantly generating niche knowledge which will need to be made available to businesses, governments, and society because of acquiring the skills for a continuous agile professional development. Securing a long-term, systematic infusion of the ongoing developed knowledge through structural and vocational education will render for a modern and competitive workforce in Europe that are capable to assume leading initiatives capitalizing on the fresh developments.