AI4Work explores useful techniques and resources for the best possible labor sharing between humans and AI/robots. The goal is to enhance human-robot communication and cooperation to enable better working conditions. To improve the effectiveness and reliability of AI/robotics solutions, the project will employ living digital twins of operational systems. This will help increase the adoption of AI/robots supporting labor in a variety of disciplines, as the project aims to improve job quality and provide more decent work for human operators. The solutions will be tested in logistics, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, and agriculture.
CEF will lead the project's outreach activities as well as assist in training on the safe and efficient use of the platform.


Cybersecurity certification as introduced by the EU Cybersecurity Act (EUCSA) will play a crucial role in increasing the trust to and security of ICT Products, ICT Services and ICT Processes. Cybersecurity certification is a complex process, posing a variety of challenges to the different interested parties. CUSTODES is a system comprised of a variety of components with the aim to provide trustworthy, cost-effective, agile and portable conformity assessment capabilities, to a variety of Interested parties, covering multiple Assurance levels of Composite ICT products or ICT services. The CUSTODES system will discover and translate certification information of the Building Blocks of the composite ICT products or Services under evaluation, will provide Certification information to the interested parties and will share information on newly identified vulnerabilities related to the specific blocks or composite products as needed increasing transparency, re-usability and trust. It will also utilize a Restricted & Trusted Execution (RTE) Environment, to ensure the chain of custody of the product under assessment. CUSTODES will be validated in three pilots: (i) one of two Class I composite products with digital elements, (ii) one of an ICT product with an embedded AI component and (iii) a final one of the as-a-service functionality through EIT Digital extensive digital ecosystem.
CEF will lead the outcome exploitation activities, as well as contribute the overall impact creation and sustainability of results past the end of the project. 


Manufacturing, construction, and agriculture play a vital role in driving the European economy and ensuring its prosperity. Digitization can help achieve this goal by deploying intelligent robotic capabilities that can work alongside humans and adapt to dynamic environments. The SOPRANO project aims to combine multidisciplinary research and innovation in human-robot collaboration and intelligent multi-agent systems. The project's ultimate goal is to design the next generation of manufacturing floors, construction sites, and agri-food production, where humans and intelligent machines can work seamlessly together. Additionally, the project will enable external SMEs and start-ups to benefit from the project's technologies through an open call.
CEF will contribute to the development of the Business Network, Licencing, Circular Business Model and the Open Source Software Development Ecosystem.


The IMPORTANT project envisions a decentralized clinical study for refractory advanced HR+/HER2- breast cancer in older patients, introducing a unique approach of tailoring CDK 4/6-inhibitor doses based on frailty status. It combines evidence-based strategies, incorporating CDK 4/6 inhibitors, endocrine therapy and mandatory comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA). The study explores correlations between CGA and patient-reported outcomes for a combined geriatric Quality of Life assessment tool. Another innovation streamlines clinical trial recruitment for older and less tech-savvy participants, addressing underrepresentation issues. A financial model optimizes resource utilization, targeting healthcare system burden, patient financial and side-effect toxicity. Health Technology Assessment processes will inform a valuable financial model for researchers, clinicians, regulators, and policymakers. The project culminates in a Geriatric cancer registry, advancing requirements, design and architecture for a focused geriatric patient registry beyond cancer.
CEF takes the lead in coordinating all exploitation and impact creation efforts and also brings a wealth of expertise to enhance the economic analyses within the study.


SECURED, aims to create and manage a Privacy-enhancing Hub (the SECURED InnoHub) that will provide tools, services, and overall support to externally involved third parties of the healthcare domain, including researchers, Innovators, or Health Data users as well as EU data Hubs across Europe, thus facilitating them to perform accurate data analytics in a distributed and private matter. The SECURED hub is also meant to promote collaboration among parties by acting as a one-stop collaboration point for involved parties to share results and collaboratively shape/enhance their expertise through the Hub with others in a privacy-preserving matter. Our ultimate goal is to unleash through the SECURED Innohub, the full potential of data-driven innovation in healthcare, by enabling the secure and privacy-preserving use of healthcare data across organizational and national borders.
CEF leads the funding call, infusing a captivating essence into the design, implementation and results of the open call.


VÒNG is a platform where consumers can create a digital version of their closet(s) and get insights into their style, how to enjoy their clothes more, buy less, buy better and get the most value out of their garments contributing to longer lifecycles for each of their garments. In case they want to add something to their wardrobe they are directed to more sustainable and/or circular choices and in case they want to get rid of something they are directed to the most conscious alternatives of the rubbish bin. Businesses can leverage VÒNG‘s reach to showcase their sustainable and/or circular business. In the case of retailers, they can also utilize VÒNG‘s data to strengthen their relationship with consumers with accurate suggestions for their needs and style that will also contribute to less product returns and in case of designer brands to improve their products and services to appeal to an ever-increasing number of conscious consumers.
CEF will develop, scale, and promote the VONG solution in a sustainable way. Engaging stakeholders at every step, fostering awareness, organizing events, and driving Vong's wider adoption across diverse audiences.