Circular Economy Foundation

The Circular Economy Foundation is a Brussels-based non-profit organization established with the sole purpose of enhancing the efforts of the European Union in achieving the fusion of digitalization and circular economy. A considerable number of EU flagship initiatives, frameworks, and communications underline the importance of twining the green and digital developments. These efforts advocate sustainable and competitive development while following the environmental and societal doctrines of the future.

The European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Shaping Europe’s Digital Future, the European Digital Strategy, and the European Skills Agenda are among the policy actions for making technological evolution and circular economy drivers for sustainable growth. This must be the compass towards a future that respects the limitations of the finite resources, reflects on the environmental impact that the linear model of consumption and production has caused, and guide us towards restorative and regenerative models for a sustained future.

The Circular Economy Foundation follows a data-driven approach and produces practical solutions. Adhering to the needs for credible approaches with science-based foundations and data-driven evidence, the Circular Economy Foundation brings together a community of leading academic, research, leading industrial actors, SMEs, NGOs, and other non-profit organizations, ensuring from the onset of every effort that the outcome will meet the design requirements and address real-life problems.